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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Vintage Inspired

Just read an article (  all about vintage clothing by Harriet Walker talking to, William Banks-Blaney (a globe trotting vintage shopper), Claire Stansfield (co-founder of Relik) and Sarah Kennedy (author and vintage expert).  Everything they said was good advice for when buying vintage and I'll definitely remember it for the future, and make sure I pick up a copy of Sarah Kennedy's book!  Claire Stansfield quote: 'Vintage doesn't follow trends, it creates and inspires them. Trends will always be influenced by what you see on the big screen or on the latest catwalks'.  This is so true!!! Everything now is vintage inspired and that label helps products sell.  It got me thinking about my vintage purchases and why I love them!  I never realised how much vintage I had until I decided to write this so I tried to narrow it down to a few of my fave finds!

These were my auntie's back in the day CAT shorts which are gorgeous! She saw me wearing shorts similar and gave me these.  Perfect vintage.

Levi cropped jeans from Rokit! Great find, hard to get the right size so was so happy with these.

I remember spending my last £35 on this jacket on a market in Brick Lane (I had to haggle) and it's still fashionable today.  Win for me!

I found these trousers I saw on a mannequin outside a vintage shop in camden and asked the to bring them down for me.  And although they are about 3 sizes too big with a belt I made it work!

Found this cute cardy at a vintage shop called COW near my friends university in Sheffield! I have to look round the vintage shops every time I am down visiting and make sure there is extra room in my bag to carry everything I find on the way back!

SO basically I love vintage!!! Who doesn't want to own something they know no one else has, makes it truly precious!

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