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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cheer Up Shoes

I had this idea for my blog about 2 days ago when I was feeling blue and bought myself a new pair of shoes to cheer me up! When I'm sad shoes seem to be the first place I look for comfort, so here I am going to give my top five cheer up shoes (which trust me was hard to narrow down).

#5 I can't afford it so someone else buys it for me as a present shoes:  Office shoes that were £70 which I could not afford, but wouldn't stop going on about for weeks.  After dragging my boyfriend in to see them a few times he got the hint and bought them for me!

#4 I want brown heels shoes:  I spent forever looking for the perfect brown heels that I could actually walk in, when I stumbled across these in New Look.  These were a great little pick me up!

#3 25% off Office shoes with O2 priority:  Got to love being with O2 when they bless you with these little gems! Cheered me up a great deal when I saw this offer, went straight to office and then fell in love with these shoes.

#2 See shoes in a magazine, go to Sheffield, walk past an Office, go in and buy instantly:  As you can see there is a pattern with my love for Office shoes! I saw these shoes in a magazine and fell in love! That same weekend I was going to Sheffield to visit my friend and of course I needed a souvenir...

#1 Wanting doc martins for years and years and finally found the perfect pair: These are my number 1 as I have wanted doc martins since I can remember.  Buying those fake ones on camden market is just not the same (and I know for a fact).  Definitely worth the £95 I spent on them and so worth the wait.

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