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Monday, 2 July 2012

Bicester Village

So I took a trip to the fashion outlet shopping city Bicester Village this weekend and I wasn't sure how to rate my trip.  I had heard so much, but in the end it is just another place filled with outlet stores and if you can't afford the full price designer, the discounted versions aren't really going to be in your reach either.   It was probably more naivety on my part that everything would be high street prices, and that of course was not the case!

It was however one beautifully laid out, actually looking like a village (probably the point) and I got rather excited when I saw Gucci like a little tourist taking pictures of it all.

Then seeing Vivienne Westwood shoes which were adorable...

The highlight of my day have to be when I finally knew what people meant by love at first sight with this Burberry jacket, this was just WOW.

I can't say I didn't reach my objective going to Bicester Village however, as I did get my graduation dress :D which show there are one or two affordable shops!

But I won't be revealing what's inside until the day sorry guys!!!

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